Grief Counseling

Has someone of importance in your life passed away? If so, therapy may be the right tool for you to use to get through this time. A great loss such as death or even someone moving away can make you feel as though the world has stopped. It can make you feel heartbroken and helpless. With therapy, you have a safe and comfortable environment to talk these feelings out, to reminisce about both the delightful and the dreadful memories.

Here, at Cornerstone Counseling, we have therapists that specialize in Grief Counseling. They can help you find your purpose to live with this person no longer in your life. They can be there for you as you feel so that you can heal. Our therapists can teach you the skills you need to move forward with your life and find your joy again.

Therapists that specialize in Grief Counseling include but are not limited to:

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